Duos Asinos Team

Duos asinos team


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Duos Asinos Team – General Manager

Milan Skoro


Milan started his professional career as a software developer, joining Hyatt Hotels Corporation in 1990, and held senior and regional positions, based in Serbia, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain, and Switzerland. Before joining the Quadro Consulting team, Milan was the Information Technology Director for Hyatt EAME (Europe, Africa, Middle East). Milan gained valuable experience in managing large-scale technology projects, standardization and compliance implementation, customization, and lecturing.

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Head of Development

Prof Dr. Dragoslav Danilovic

In his very rich and reputable professional career, Dr. Danilovic held various managerial and consultancy positions, taught at several university-level schools, published many research publications. He created a vast amount of diverse software solutions covering a wide area of industries and fields. His Ph.D. dissertation titled “Contribution to the Improvement of Graph Isomorphism Algorithms” was defended in 1985.

Dr. Danilovic masterminds all software development in Quadro Consulting and contributes as the architect for database related and back end solutions.

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Head of Web development and Services

Prof Dr. Nenad Kojic

Teaches electrical engineering and computer science, and Internet technologies at ICT College and Singidunum University in Belgrade. The Ph.D. dissertation “Application of Neural Networks in Solving Transportation Problems” was defended in 2012. His interests span artificial intelligence, algorithms for dynamic optimization, web design and Web programming, and multimedia and image processing. Reviewer for numerous science journals. Oversees Web, front end, and communications related development in Quadro Consulting.

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Head of Design

Djordje Kuzmanovic

Accomplished professional with extensive experience in graphic and industrial design, lecturing, and project management.

Specific expertise in marketing portals with print materials, email campaigns, advertisements, fulfilment items, and virtually any other product or document. Expert in creation and shaping of different products such as: flyers, posters, banners, brochures and catalogs.

duos asinos team

Duos Asinos Team – Most of our young developers and designers are handpicked by their professors, enabling consistent and established relationships to be transferred from school to office. We build strong teams around exceptional leaders who are experienced and highly knowledgeable experts. At Duos Asinos, we are eager to share pur knowledge with young, upcoming forces and guide them through project delivery.


This productive and cost-efficient concept considerably lowers attrition rates. The foremost role of experienced project heads is to guarantee quality in planning and execution. Duos Asinos team leads experts make the recruitment process, when building teams, a breeze.


Our success with this concept convinced us that building teams around a key mentor figure for each large project is the best approach. It allows a homogeneous structure, built not solely on expertise, but on equally important human interaction factors. Projects are highly efficient, have minimal staff turnover, produce superior results, and foster exceptional teamwork and interaction.