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Software Solutions


It is possible to provide superior service utilizing first-class experts at competitive pricing.


To continuously increase ratings of every client and each employee throughout the partnership.


To provide superior quality technology services exceeding client requirements and investor expectations.


Instruct > educate. Be kind > be compassionate. Complete tasks > document. Think positive; your thoughts develop your life.

IT office Belgrade Duos Aasinos

Duos Asinos Software Strategies, Architecture, and hands-on Leadership of our major projects are in the hands and minds of two renowned PhD level professors, supervised and mentored through three Doctorands.

Young developers and designers were selected as best students of their generations, handpicked by their professors thus allowing consistent and established relationships to be transferred from school to office.

Managed by an expert executive with over 20 years of managerial experience in a top US corporation with diverse international and multi-cultural exposure.

The Company size is flexible, and the teams can seamlessly grow. We love the challenge of capital, long-term projects, but are happy to be involved in smaller ventures.

Our teams are skilled to take on difficult, unorthodox challenges using most modern or legacy tools and languages.

Sharing the atmosphere from


These photographs were all taken in the pre-Covid era before we mainly reallocated to work from home. We look forward to returning to our desks and reestablish our out-of-office socializing.

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    Allow your company to focus on its core business and drive the corporate vision forward and let our engineers provide the technology solutions.