join us, have an impact!

When Duos Asinos was inaugurated, the grey-haired and balding founders were eager to build a positive working environment. It has since been our goal to attract individuals that will contribute to an amazing working place and atmosphere. Having excellent technical skills for the job has also been a plus.

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    What working at duos asinos looks like?

    Duos Asinos model of work is based on building teams around exceptional leaders.
    These experienced and highly knowledgeable experts are eager to share the  knowledge with young, upcoming forces and guide them through every project.

    Our success with this concept convinced us that building teams around a key mentor figure for each large project is the best approach. It allows a homogeneous structure, built not solely on expertise, but on equally important human interaction factors.

    Projects are highly efficient, have minimal staff turnover, produce superior results and foster exceptional teamwork and interaction.

    With our team leads,, young developers have the opportunity and motivation to work and develop better and faster than in standard working environments.

    Mentoring the next generation of experts is one of our core values.  To achieve this, we invite both the young and the experienced to contact us, have a chat, and see what more we can do together.

    Work at Duos Asinos – contact us

    Most of our staff are young developers with average professional experience. On the other hand, some of them had CV-s and Portfolios from their High school days that make most of the graduates’ CV-s blush… Epistula non erubescit (-Cicero)? Perhaps not in this case.

    While we had the privilege of attracting the bulk of our Junior developers through word-of-mouth, we are eager to hear and meet the new generations’ talent. Many of our colleagues are now becoming mentors themselves, in a turn of a just few years. We hope to be in apposition to offer more work and fabulous projects to the talent currently being educated and starting their professional careers at Duos Asinos.

    You are most welcome to contact, communicate and join us! Remember, that in most cases you yourselves are the only advocates presenting your skills, and probably more important your personalities. Make us want to meet you and to share our working hours, and hopefully some drinks afterwards, with you.

    A common car driver will prefer a ride in a powerful, new, and safe car. A ride on a well-kept, smooth, and quiet road with enjoyable scenery in a perfect, dry weather. Then some like off-roading, some vintage machines, and others prefer to cycle or just walk. The reality is that most of us live and drive or are being driven with all sorts of vehicles in Belgrade…

    Driving skills and reflexes are not sufficient for making a class professional driver. Diverse driving experience is an important factor.

    Becoming an expert full stack programmer is helped by experiencing diverse situations, technologies, client attitudes. With other people’s code quality (one gets stuck with), user stories, documentation, time available, tools and equipment… The list is long. The balding gray-hairs encourage young developers not to avoid challenges and use them as steppingstones on a path to individual perfection.

    Compared to the times of a dozen and a half months ago, a lot of things changed in our lives. Looking at the year behind us, just like most other IT services companies, we experienced a share of challenges. Those include project downsizing, long pause in projects and client expansion, adjusting to remote work, difficulties on-boarding new staff in a remote environment, to name a few. We managed to keep our staff numbers intact throughout the Covid era and are happy to be expanding again.

    Working remotely was of major changes in work conditions.. We, as well as all our current clients, approve and provide both remote and office options for work.

    With the loosening of the Covid – related restrictions and lock-downs we are looking forward to engaging activities and gatherings outside of working hours.

    Open positions


    We are looking for PHP developers to help our dedicated team on a part-time basis. In this role, you will collaborate with our client’s development team and work on improving existing features of their app.


    You will be responsible for developing and maintaining web applications, ensuring their performance and contributing to the overall success of the app.



    As DevOps Engineer, you would part of a 5-person team that’s responsible for managing the infrastructure used by 40 million users every day! The team is split into two groups, Coding and Infra.


    Depending on what your preferences and strengths are, you would either be part of the Coding group or the Infra group. The platform is hosted on AWS and we use services like EC2, EKS, RDS, S3, etc.




    As Senior Java Developer, you would be responsible for implementing new and maintaining existing microservices used by our mobile and web applications for payments, authentication, content encryption and decryption.


    The microservices were built using Spring Boot/Spring Cloud frameworks using Agile methodologies and processes.

    Additional tasks can include planning, collaboration, and implementation of data migration from the existing platforms to the new microservices based platforms.


    We’re on the lookout for a skilled Solution Architect to join our high-energy tech tribe! Solution Architect will be reporting to the CTO and be responsible for designing solutions involving relational and non-relational database, data streaming, and data analysis technologies.


    Solution Architect will bravely dive into challenges related to implementing new microservices-based applications in a high-through, data-driven, distributed environment. If you’re eager to design, develop and implement robust and maintainable solutions that will help our team thrive with you as a solutions leader, we’re waiting for you!