working from home duos asinos


Currently, the number of people affected with Covid-19 in Serbia has reached 55, with no related fatalities.

Late evening, Sunday, March 15th, the President of Serbia announced a State of Emergency that was immediately put in effect:

As recommended by the Government, Duos Asinos has advised all staff to switch to a home-office mode of work. On Monday morning some of the desktop HW and monitors were reallocated to the individual homes. Our staff was issued instructions on how to conduct work from home.

Other measures involve closed borders for selected nationalities, travel ban recommendation, and mandatory self-imposed quarantine for individuals arriving from abroad.

Duos Asinos Office will be visited by Management and Technical teams at least every two days during the home-office regime of work.

If the assessment of the situation changes, we will promptly advise our staff and customers.

Photo credits: Ranko Krneta