Android developer

The project is a dating platform with about 100 million users of which about 40 million are active daily. The user base is spread across native iOS, Android and web applications (built with PHP and React. The Android application is being actively rewritten with Kotlin and based on MVVVM

architecture. On Android we’re using Koin for the dependency injection.


At Duos Asinos we like working from home and usually meet at the office only when there’s some food and drinks! We’re not fans of meetings, so we try to keep them to a minimum (just the ceremonial stuff) and it’s not important when you work, as long as the deadlines are met.


Our teams follow the SAFe methodology where each team has members for every stack (iOS, Android, Java, PHP, React, etc), so when you’re working on a feature your team is the only one working on it.


We’re in the process of modernizing the whole platform, so we promote innovation and initiatives to fix or improve the code.

So, what do we bring to the table?

⦁ We make a clear distinction between company and personal time
⦁ Aside from a few die-hards, most of us work and will continue working from home
⦁ Adaptable work hours and days (a four-day work week is optional)
⦁ Experienced colleagues who are willing to impart their knowledge
⦁ Access to additional educational materials and courses

⦁ Private health care

⦁ Generous and flexible off-days

⦁ Paid sick leave

⦁ MacBook Pro (M1, M2) & other equipment

⦁ Social events

⦁ Support for new parents

⦁ Opportunity to apply your skills and learn new ones

As Android Developer, you would be responsible for developing new and expanding existing features within the Android applications, used by tens of millions of users and helping the team complete the rewrite to Kotlin.


There are 4-5 Android applications, one for each product, they were originally built in Java, but we are transitioning to Kotlin (we’re nearing completion), so we consider Java to be legacy code. The applications are also using Material Design and Kotlin Coroutines.


⦁ Minimum 2 years of professional experience in Android development

⦁ Excellent working knowledge of Android SDK using Kotlin and Java

⦁ Experience with the common architecture design patterns of MVP and MVVM (with Android’s LiveData preferred)

⦁ Experience with writing Unit tests

⦁ Experience with integrating external APIs (like backends and other)

⦁ Experience in conducting code reviews

⦁ Understanding of User Experience (UX) concepts

⦁ Experience building functional UI’s that standard across views and scale well

If you find yourself suitable for this position, please send us your CV to [email protected]