DevOps Engineer

Our team is growing, and we want you to join us!


As DevOps Engineer, you would part of a 5-person team that’s responsible for managing the infrastructure used by 40 million users every day! The team is split into two groups, Coding and Infra. Depending on what your preferences and strengths are, you would either be part of the Coding group or the Infra group. The platform is hosted on AWS and we use services like EC2, EKS, RDS, S3, etc.

The Coding group manages all IaC (Terraform), all Ansible scripts and Jenkins pipelines. The platform is about 70-80% IaC and this group’s task is to get it to 100%.

The Infra group manages most of the other infrastructure, like Kubernetes clusters that are being moved from EC2 to EKS, containerizing new applications, managing Load balancers, managing API Gateways and ensuring all traffic is flowing smoothly.

So, what do we bring to the table?

⦁ We make a clear distinction between company and personal time
⦁ Aside from a few die-hards, most of us work and will continue working from home
⦁ Adaptable work hours and days (a four-day work week is optional)
⦁ Experienced colleagues who are willing to impart their knowledge
⦁ Access to additional educational materials and courses

⦁ Private health care

⦁ Generous and flexible off-days

⦁ Paid sick leave

⦁ MacBook Pro (M1 or M2) & other equipment

⦁ Social events

⦁ Support for new parents

⦁ Opportunity to apply your skills and learn new ones

What we’re looking for:
⦁ Proven experience with Linux administration: troubleshooting, networking, security
⦁ Proven experience with infrastructure as Code: Terraform and Ansible
⦁ Proven experience with microservice architecture
⦁ Version control experience with Git
⦁ Experience with coding in Bash and Python
⦁ Proven experience with Containerization and Orchestration: Docker and Kubernetes

⦁ Proven experience with cloud services: AWS and its services like EC2, RDS, elastiache, EKS

⦁ Proven experience with CI/CD tools like Jenkins

⦁ Experience with monitoring platforms like Dynatrace/New Relic, ELK Stack, Prometheus

⦁ Experience with API and web troubleshooting

Not a must, but cool if you have it:

⦁ Experience with Hashicorp tools: Vault and Consul
⦁ Experience with distributed streaming platform: Confluent Kafka
⦁ Experience with deploying Java/Spring and Node.js/React applications

⦁ Experience with any other programming languages

⦁ Experience in Agile-managed development projects

⦁ Awareness of IT companies’ Compliance and Security requirements

What’s our selection process like?


First, we set up an introductory meeting, where we introduce you to Duos Asinos, project specifics, and hopefully, hear a bit about you. The next step would be a technical interview with the team lead. Afterward, you’ll get an official offer from us, if both sides agree, we sign the contract for an indefinite period, and boom, we’re done!

If you find yourself suitable for this position, please send us your CV to [email protected]