We design and build complex custom solutions for various industries, from telecommunications, banking, retail, E-commerce, business intelligence, to hospitality, point of sales, manufacturing, document management, production processes, and many more.

Whether you need to build a completely new system to improve your customer service or increase your business effectiveness, or enhance your legacy solution, we can create intelligent and intuitive business applications. Duos Asinos can help you through front-end advanced user experience or back-end efficiency. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in designing and building applications. We value practical solutions, esthetic and intelligent designs, good architecture. Our team is thoroughly committed to the success of your company.

Software development

Is done in practically all popular programming languages and platforms used today. Back end of our key projects is mostly .NET, but we also work with Java, Node.js and PHP. Front end code is done using Angular, Vue.js and other popular JavaScript frameworks. We work with SQL and NoSQL databases on AWS, Azure as well as on-premise. The list of programming languages, tools, and platforms is lengthy and comprehensive. We also have excellent collaborations with smaller IT companies that specialize in specific industry know-how and include their staff in our development teams.

Our preferred working model is utilizing young, energetic developers mentored by experienced leaders. Our mentors share their vast knowledge and experience with the young guns and guide them through project execution. Most of the junior developers were hand-picked by the professors from their top students and collaborators. This way Quadro Consulting acquired top graduate students and talents to work with and built a strong team of individuals who, besides a passion for code, are scientifically oriented as well.

This concept is productive, cost-efficient, and lowers attrition rates considerably. Experienced project heads foremostly guarantee quality in planning and execution. It also make the recruitment process when building teams, a breeze.

The success we had with this concept ensured us that for each large project, building teams around a key mentor figure is the best approach. It allows a homogeneous structure, built not solely on expertise, but on equally important human interaction factors. Projects are highly efficient, have a minimal turnover of staff, produce superior results with exceptional teamwork and interaction.